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We Skype with clients all over the globe, it's the next best thing to being here live.

Mix   If you already have your tracks recorded and now you need the tools and expertise to create a dynamic, cohesive mix, either come to us or send us your files and we'll get the job done to your satisfaction.  

Master  Give your mix the detail, balance and sonic quality it deserves.  We’ll make sure your music is CD, film, TV, and radio ready! 

​​About us

SwanSound Music is a recording and music production facility offering superior quality at competitive rates. We're also known for having a relaxed, comfortable, and creative atmosphere perfectly tailored to singer-songwriters, composers, instrumentalists, voice-over artists, post-production, music editing, and audible books.

If you need to Record but you're not local or it's inconvenient for you to be in studio, send us your files, and we'll get some of LA's very best studio musicians to give you just what you need for your project: Vocals, drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, strings, horns, and virtual instruments.

Call or email for pricing!

Studio Specials

Great prices for Mix and Mastering!

​Drum tracks $100 per song!

In a nutshell we...

Record, Mix and Master in Studio or Remotely with file sharing. We'll deliver a focused well balanced product, mixed and mastered ready for CD, film or TV

Provide Songs, Instrumentals and Compositions for Music Licensing and Publishing

Drum tracks!  If you need live, great sounding drums,  you've come to the right place!

Voice Overs:  TV, film, audio CD's, commercials, and radio spots.